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closing [05 Mar 2006|09:52am]
[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone,
After much consideration and being overwhelmed with school, I have decided to *close* eglshop. Those of you who haven't already signed up with them, I encourage joining loli_for_sale as we are essentially redundant at this point and that group is doing a good job :) Thank you for displaying your work here; it was really neat while it lasted. (I will go ahead and approve everything already in the cue, and then we are finito) - natsuko

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~ PUTUMAYO Top with hoodie for DIRECT SALE ~ [04 Mar 2006|01:05pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Authentic PUTUMAYO Top with hoodie - S&M Girl with Bunny PrintCollapse )

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[01 Mar 2006|11:29pm]

Spring Cleaning: Head dress5$/gosu rori vol5 shirt 20$/flowers 2$each/ odds and endsCollapse )
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Looking for jewelry [28 Feb 2006|09:24am]

I am in dire need of aristocratable accessories and was wondering if anyone had some elegant-gothic jewelry they might like to sell for a reasonable price?

I'm mostly looking for silver or metallic jewelry. I know this is a long shot, but if you have anything, please reply!
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[27 Feb 2006|10:42am]


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~ || Gothic&Lolita Items for Sale || ~ [24 Feb 2006|10:59pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Gothic&Lolita Items for SaleCollapse )

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zomg! [20 Feb 2006|02:51pm]

Plus Size Victorian Maiden Reproduction for Sale!Collapse )
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[12 Feb 2006|02:04am]


get some cute jewelery!
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[09 Feb 2006|07:42pm]

Auctions and Valentine's Day Prize Drawing $15 value: White fur capelet and accessories set, punk lot of 5, set of 3 tanktops, Demonia high-heels sz 9, tea skirt 38-62 inches waist, teddy bear skirt 46-80 inches waist, corset 14/16, white blouse with pink rose buttons sz M, black kitty beaded purse, daisy white lace accessories set of 4 (apron, detachable sleeves and bow), etc. Collapse )
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Authentic Gothic Lolita items up on eBay! [07 Feb 2006|07:53pm]

Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, MAM. Blouses and a jumper!Collapse )
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[07 Feb 2006|05:14pm]

custom made lucky pack on eBya 2 days leftCollapse )
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[03 Feb 2006|07:59pm]

Current gothic lolita eBay auctions: Supert3ch plus size jumper dress and skull hairbows, Metamorphose alphabet and crown socks, Baby the stars shine bright socks, plus size peter pan collared blouse, plus size red plaid skirt, Alice in wonderland socks and hairbows and Care Bears hairbows.

title or description

Quick links:Collapse )
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Direct Sale: BTSSB Skirt, DIY Pink Heart Skirt + White Blouse Set, DIY Pink High-Waist Skirt [02 Feb 2006|08:47pm]

( Read more... )
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Heart E cutsew for sale/trade [31 Jan 2006|07:56pm]

(Heart E cutsew)
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Super Cute Loli Charmmy Kitties for SALE!!! [01 Feb 2006|11:11am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone,

I need to sell these authentic super cute plushies that i bought a while ago. It is a great accessory for that cute Loli outfit or bag!!!

Clickity Click Below for more INFO

~ Ultra Kawaii Charmmy Kittiessss Set of 4 ~ Collapse )

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check it out [30 Jan 2006|06:21pm]


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Need Some New Accessories? [30 Jan 2006|01:53pm]


Headdresses, Bags, and More!Collapse )

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LJ Auctions at my random journal (buy-it-now option is available) [28 Jan 2006|01:37am]

Some loli things for sale: Black Bodyline old rose set. Black Bodyline petticoat. Black and white headdress. Straw hat with rose detail. Brown Victorian heels (US size 8). Small size cream and lacey blouse with puffy sleeves.Collapse )
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finger lickin' goodness. [22 Jan 2006|03:06pm]


i am finally parting with my gorgeous sweet lolita 'alice in wonderland' blue & white tart dress by halonoir ... nicole is one of my favorite seamstresses to ever grace ebay/livejournal/etc... if you havent heard of her i suggest you check her out!! i love this dress but i dont really fit in it anymore...... and my new years resolution is to get rid of most of my wardrobe, so i am selling it on ebay. it ends today! it fits a size large/extra large. i've only worn it a few times, and for my alice in wonderland costume for halloween. it comes with the headpiece, and neck and wrist corsets. i am not selling the apron shown in some of the pics (i made it to go with my costume and really rushed it!!) but i should be listing the baby blue petticoat underneath today.

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new years blowout sale!!!!!!! [07 Jan 2006|09:34pm]


tons of stockings, knee highs, thigh highs, and petticoats, dirt cheap, ending soon!

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