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elegant gothic shopping

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Welcome! This community is specifically for egl/ega/loli shopping. members may post their auctions here, replete with pictures, and have their shops listed in the memories page.
community moderator is13thought.
this is moderated; posts not egl/ega will be deleted, and members who post unsuitable material repeatedly or are rude will be banned. this is a resource for the egl/ega communities to prevent their own journals from becoming billboards. Please lj-cut, or have a small cut-pic, for all items for sale in your post, so that our member's friends pages do not become too cluttered. Anyone who joins is now given posting access immediately, but as stated before, all posts are moderated. thanks for looking! -*natsuko*-

~November Update~ Approved items are now going to be very strictly EGL/A. The reason is that otherwise this community will be a copycat community, and there is no point in having more than one comm doing the same thing. Those of you whose posts are not approved, do try the other selling communities. They have different guidelines, and those who post and are members of those comms already know and appreciate what will be showing up. This community is specifically EGL/A so that those who are looking for something specifically EGL/A can browse through and not be skimming through items from other genres. This will hopefully make this comm more fuctional for both the buyers and sellers. My apologies now to those who were approved in the past who may not be approved in the future; I truly admire and appreciate your work and your desire to sell, and I wish all of you (EGL and not) the best of luck.

~Entry preservation vs. deletion: Your most recent post to items will stay up. This means that periodically I go back and delete all of your old entries. This makes it easier for people to browse and compare everyone's offerings and *mostly* eliminates the frustration of clicking on old auctions, broken links, etc. If you would like, you may post an entry that is *permanent* as a link to your store, which will not be deleted during the updating and will be linked in memories. Just put *store* or some other such identification on it in the subject line, and you may leave me a note if you are worried about it being deleted. Thank you so much!